Custom Coding & Shopify App Integrations

Third-Party Custom Code Integration:

Because of the far-reaching and potentially compromising effects adding to or editing theme code-files can cause - we strongly recommend making a duplicate of your working theme, and apply the changes to this version, leaving your original as a backup for worst-case scenarios.

More information on this can be found here:

Shopify Help - Duplicating your Theme Guide.

The theme code editor can be found by navigating to:

  1. Admin
  2. Online Store
  3. Choose your theme
  4. Actions
  5. Edit code

If you or a developer are looking for your theme's 'style-sheet', these are found by navigating to:

  1. Admin
  2. Online Store
  3. Choose your theme
  4. Actions
  5. Edit code
  6. Assets

For FLOW, this file is titled timber.scss.liquid.

For ENVY, this file is  style.scss.liquid.

For CAPITAL, this file is theme.scss.liquid.

For additional context, as per Shopify's official help guides, all third-party theme developers do not provide coding customisations:

However, we do have a page available which lists our recommended coding specialists who should be able to accommodate your needs and alter your theme's core code to suit:

WeTheme Recommended Specialists Reference Guide

Shopify App Integration:

To begin with Shopify's official statement on this:

'Most Shopify apps are built by third-party developers, not by Shopify. If you need help with an app or sales channel that was built by a third-party developer, then contact the developer directly.'

Mirroring this, we here at WeTheme will always direct you to reach out to the app developers as they will be able to advise further regarding integration.

Most apps work perfectly but some apps need to be altered (by the app developer) to comply with the theme - apps are designed to work with themes rather than vice-versa. 

Every app is different in the way it operates on a coding level and so the app developers themselves are best placed for information relating to this.

To provide additional context - we here at WeTheme completely appreciate it's frustrating to have to go from one person to another when attempting to solve important issues. 

However, the functions of apps are not something we have control over as the theme developers - it would be incredible if we could jump in and easily remove troublesome code generated by these apps, however, it's impossible for us to identify the exact cause when apps are involved, as every app operates in a different way.

So, it's with your best interests in mind that we point you in the direction of an app developer, as they know their product inside-out and it is the fastest possible method of things being resolved.

Of course, once you have spoken with the app developers, we will always be happy to assist if you require any technical information about your theme itself to get any issues resolved.

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