Landscape images across devices

This can be a tricky one, as desktop monitors are predominantly landscape in orientation and mobile is mostly portrait, meaning there is no perfect 'one-size-fits-all' approach.

For additional context, the images always take up the full width of the page - the only way to make these larger is by increasing the height.

This is due to the aspect ratio.

Here is a useful link explaining aspect ratio in more detail:

WeTheme Images Reference Guide

One approach could be to crop your images deliberately for mobile, so any important visual elements remain central and are not lost outside the frame when shown on a smaller screen.

Other than this, matching an upright image to mobile, but also having this display perfectly on desktop too would require having totally separate images to be triggered - and thus, would be outside of the theme's default functionality.

You could reach out to a specialist in coding customisation if this is an avenue you wish to explore further.

We have a number of trusted specialists, all of which are grouped for your convenience under our help guide:

WeTheme Recommended Specialists Reference Guide


Our Envy theme enables the option to change, edit and remove images for mobile and desktop independently, for the Slideshow section only:

Slideshow help guide for Envy

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