To add testimonials to the homepage, you have a couple of options available.

The first could be to add a "section" to your homepage and use this to display an image of a testimonial.

Here's where you would do this:

  1. Admin 
  2. Online store > themes > customise 
  3. Sections 
  4. Add section

WeTheme - Adding Sections to the Home Page

Then drag the section to the desired location.

You could use the sections: Text Adverts, Slideshow, Gallery, or even Image with text overlay too if needed.


Another option could be to use an app such as this:

Testimonial Slider

Coding Customisation:

Alternatively, if you require further functionality, you would need to approach a specialist in coding customisation. 

We can highly recommend a number of trusted specialists, all of which are grouped for your convenience under our help guide:

WeTheme Recommended Specialist Reference Guide

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