Admin Actions: Creating a blog and add new posts

To add multiple posts to a single Blog, you would head to:

  1. Admin 
  2. Online store > blog posts 
  3. Click "manage blogs"

WeTheme - Managing Blog Posts

This will take you through to where you can see the Blogs you have already created, or add a totally new blog. 

Add new posts to a specific blog:

To add new posts to a specific blog, so this single blog becomes larger, head back to:

  1. Admin 
  2. Online store > blog posts 
  3. Click "Add blog post" 
  4. Then in the bottom right of this page, you will see a drop-down selector, which lists your current blogs. 

WeTheme - Adding Posts to a Specific Blog

You would then select the blog which you wish to add the post to.

So, for example, on a test store, you could have one central blog called "News" - and then create a new blog post each time you have something new to say.

The new posts can then be assigned to the "News" blog, which then becomes larger.

Further information:

More information about Blogs can be found below:

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