Image Zoom

You can toggle the image zoom function on desktop, by navigating to:

  1. Admin
  2. Online store > themes > customise
  3. Navigate to a product in the right-hand-side preview window, click the "product pages" option on the left-hand side.
  4. You then would need to toggle "enable image zoom' from the check-box, under 'Product Images'.

WeTheme Help - Enabling Image Zoom function on Product Templates.

This feature requires the images to be larger than the image window on the Product Page so that when they are hovered over further image detail is revealed. 

So, if the images are too small, there is no "larger" image to be shown when hovered over. 

Likewise, if the images are too huge, the zoom feature will appear super-magnified.

You could try using different size images and find the "sweet spot" for the exact look you are hoping for. Make a note of the dimensions used for your test image and then use an app like this to bulk edit all of your images to match:

We have a document available listing recommended image sizes here:

WeTheme Images Reference Guide

To enable image zoom on mobile, you would need to reach out to a custom coding specialist:

WeTheme Recommended Specialists Reference Guide

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