Code Actions: Remove a code snippet, left by an app

We would recommend reaching out directly to the app developers, for advice on code snippet removal. 

This would be the fastest resolution to cleaning up any lingering pieces of code appearing in your theme files.

Additionally, we'd recommend the alternative option of installing a fresh version of your theme. 

This would have no app snippets added - having only the base and pure theme-code.

To install a fresh version of your theme, you can follow this guide:

Theme installation guide

Downloading a fresh version of your theme is free, as long as you use the same Shopify account that you originally used to purchase your theme.

It is also important to keep in mind that any custom coding that has been added up to this point will not be transferred over if you were to install a fresh update. 

App code snippets and Sections would also need to be added back in. 

Products and content, however, should not be unaffected.


There is also an app for added peace of mind when it comes to Theme installation:

Backup / Rewind App

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