Style and Design: Adding a Notes field to the Cart

To enable a "notes" section in the cart, follow this method:

  1. Admin 
  2. Online store > themes > customise 
  3. Click on the cart icon on the righthand side site preview area. View your cart. 
  4. Click on the "Cart page" option on the lefthand side settings bar.

WeTheme - Accessing Cart Page Customisation Options

Select the tick box to enable the cart notes:

WeTheme - Enabling Cart Notes

Also, as an additional help, here's some information on how to make adjustments to the text used above the notes entry field, as you may feel you want to change this to something more suitable for your site:

WeTheme - Adding a Customer Note

To change this piece of text, head to:

  1. Admin 
  2. Online store > themes > actions > edit languages 
  3. You can then use the search bar, entering: "Add note for the seller". This will bring up the text, where you will be able to customise it to whatever you prefer.

WeTheme - Editing text for Customer Notes Field

Further information:

We have a great help guide on your cart page available here.

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