Theme Updates & Fresh Theme Installations

To update to the most recent version of your theme, you can follow this guide:

Updating your theme

Theme updates are free, as long as you use the same Shopify account that you originally used to purchase your theme.

By installing, you would then have the most up-to-date functionality enabled.

View our theme changelogs here:

ENVY - Changelog

FLOW - Changelog

It is also important to keep in mind that any custom coding that has been added up to this point will not be transferred over if you were to install a fresh update. 

App code snippets and Sections may also need to be added back in. 

Products and content, however, should be unaffected on the backend - they will just need to be linked back up on the storefront.

Settings entered in the Shopify admin, like Google tracking codes and Store name etc. would not be affected.

For additional context, the Shopify platform allows for 20 "slots" where you can save theme installs and duplicates - these are not connected, so any changes you make to one, will not affect another. Downloading a theme update will reside in one of these isolated slots.

If you need help with transferring custom code over from one theme to another, a coding customisation specialist would be able to assist. 

We have a number of trusted specialists, all of which are grouped for your convenience under our help guide:

WeTheme Recommended Specialists Reference Guide

We recommend this app for added peace of mind when it comes to Theme installation and updates:

Backup / Rewind App

You will be able to work on your newly installed update in your admin area and make sure you are totally happy with it before sending it live.

Working on your theme

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